The Family

  • The zulutunes family is a tight-knit circle of friends who love powerful tunage.

    We have all come together through a common love for music culture and a rejection of industry norms. Our creed refuses to let society dictate the boundaries of creative freedom or exclude the value of a good-natured human spirit. Together we hope to help bring joy, awareness, inspiration, excitement and love to the world of alternative music.


Mike is a silent key-cog within the ZT movement's machinery. He is a co-owner, manager and the labels videographer / photographer. He's has been here from the day nobody had ever heard of us, until the present, where our movement has grown into something substantial. Bigups Mike! We love you.  

When he's not working, Mike spends his days painting, making films and killing freestyles.

Associations: Zulutunes co-owner and videographer




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Hi there! We are currently working on our own upload submission system. In the time being kindly pass along your tunes via a soundcloud link.