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  • Music is the life-blood of our movement and family. Before ZuluTunes even existed, it was the glue that solidified the friendships responsible for it’s inception. Every tune we ever release is made out of a desire to create, explore and express, not to capitalize  The releases are free, however we encourage you to contribute towards the growth of ZuluTunes and it's artists by using the paypal module at the bottom of this site.

    Most of the music we have released is in the Psy-Trance arena. We categorize that under "Hi-Tech" because the production style we favor is highly technical – actually extremely technical. As of late the term “Hi-Tech” is beginning to become it’s own style definition, so we suggest you rather just listen to the releases and forget about whether its Swedish wobble funk sauce or Irish double trap-step. Our primary requirement is that it’s DOPE. For those with alternate tastes we also have a few exceptional bass-music releases and other goodies on the way.



We have acquired a collection of leaked research from the Dr.Bops stronghold. It is unclear who is responsible for the leak or the effects it will have on us. Either way, it is our social responsibility to make this information available to the public. Contained within these archives are powerful potions for control of mind, body and spirit. *** End of transcript *** Your computer will self destruct in 3 seconds.

Track List:

1. Switch Up (154BPM)
2. Through The Motions (165BPM)
3. Universal Forces (165BPM)
4. Hypnosis (166BPM)
5. Cartoon Caps (162BPM)
6. Liquid Bottom (158BPM)
7. Epic Hectic (68BPM)

Psycore / Psy Trance / Hi-Tech
Released June 12, 2012

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