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  • Music is the life-blood of our movement and family. Before ZuluTunes even existed, it was the glue that solidified the friendships responsible for it’s inception. Every tune we ever release is made out of a desire to create, explore and express, not to capitalize  The releases are free, however we encourage you to contribute towards the growth of ZuluTunes and it's artists by using the paypal module at the bottom of this site.

    Most of the music we have released is in the Psy-Trance arena. We categorize that under "Hi-Tech" because the production style we favor is highly technical – actually extremely technical. As of late the term “Hi-Tech” is beginning to become it’s own style definition, so we suggest you rather just listen to the releases and forget about whether its Swedish wobble funk sauce or Irish double trap-step. Our primary requirement is that it’s DOPE. For those with alternate tastes we also have a few exceptional bass-music releases and other goodies on the way.


“Okay settle down you mischief makers and listen up! We have all arrived here due to a rebellious inability to conform to space-time. This, is the realm of the great primordial soup generator. An almighty frequency based machine that regulates the reality you just cartwheeled out of. These, are a selection of buttons and knobs that control the machine.  Do not touch anything, especially not that button over there!”

Disk 1

01. Bionik - Terror Technology (165 Bpm)
02. Vector Void - Full Moonshine (172 Bpm)
03. Natural Disaster - High Mathematics (166 Bpm)
04. Killswitch - Oscillation Overthrust (170 Bpm)
05. Digital Dream - Take Off Your Shades (175 Bpm)
06. Atim - Easy As Pye (175 Bpm)
07. Dugga - Tsh (175 Bpm)
08. Fright Rate - Aura (190 Bpm)
09. Pastor John - Hells Bells (195 Bpm)
10. Metahuman - Plato’s Numbers (190 Bpm)

Disk 2

01. Highstyle - Totally Acid (158 Bpm)
02. Higherwattska - Defect Subject (162 Bpm)
03. Psydeways - Sum Of Math (165 Bpm)
04. Anubis - Locamotive (167 Bpm)
05. Freq36 - Silxtra (172 Bpm)
06. Drak Phaser - Nano Sec (175 Bpm)
07. N.Gin - Eclipse (175 Bpm)
08. Dreadlokkwarrior - Clockwork Virus (182 Bpm)
09. Dr. Bops - Back In Business (186 Bpm)
10. Droga - Mutoons (187 Bpm)
11. Organoise - Looney Labodamy (190 Bpm)


More Wav file links will become available over the week from various servers and services.

NB:>> There will be a lot of server load in the first week of release, if you experience issues downloading, kindly keep trying, it probably means there are quite a few DLs happening simultaneously. If the mediafire links run out of available dls before we get the Bandcamp and Ektoplazm uploads done, we will upload more media fire mirrors. Quickest way to communicate with the team is via our FB page.


COMPILED BY ZULUTUNES 2014. MASTERING BY SONIC WEAPONRY & BOPS. All music copyrights vest in it’s respective creators. This album is free - pls share. A massive thanks goes out to all artists. Artwork by Dr.Bops. Visit our website: / Find us on Facebook.


Our sincerest apologies for the massive delays, your patience is appreciated. Future releases are being streamlined. 

We encourage you to contribute to the movement and artists, so we can keep bringing you the creme de la creme and so the artists can keep cooking it up. Here is how you can help out:

- Spread the word and promote the music
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- You can contribute to the ZuluTunes operational fund by "naming your price" on band camp or purchasing the music on paid sites (coming soon)
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Thank you for your continued support.



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