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  • Music is the life-blood of our movement and family. Before ZuluTunes even existed, it was the glue that solidified the friendships responsible for it’s inception. Every tune we ever release is made out of a desire to create, explore and express, not to capitalize  The releases are free, however we encourage you to contribute towards the growth of ZuluTunes and it's artists by using the paypal module at the bottom of this site.

    Most of the music we have released is in the Psy-Trance arena. We categorize that under "Hi-Tech" because the production style we favor is highly technical – actually extremely technical. As of late the term “Hi-Tech” is beginning to become it’s own style definition, so we suggest you rather just listen to the releases and forget about whether its Swedish wobble funk sauce or Irish double trap-step. Our primary requirement is that it’s DOPE. For those with alternate tastes we also have a few exceptional bass-music releases and other goodies on the way.



There comes a time when the past must be shed to wave in the new. There comes a time where to reach your limits, you must dive head first into the unknown and submit to the journey. That moment is now. We proudly present to you Ugly Ducky's debut album "Reborn". Strap in for a journey into the depths of musical mayhem and pinpoint-precise patterns. This is a journey of relentless climbs, unexpected twists and blinding dives. Expect a story of emotional string-pulling and epic climaxes that is sure to surprise and satisfy all fans of the Hi-Tech genre.

Ugly Ducky is the project of the artist formally known as "Nammah Ohm".


1.            Interconnectedness [165 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

2.            Diva Aura [170 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

3.            Green Poison  [175 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

3.            Green Poison RMX [175 BPM]

                                -   Btoxik

5.            ZuluTunes Tag Team 1 [180 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky, Dr Bops,Tekaeh, Atim, Dugguh

                                   Organoise, Digital Dream, Pastor John,


6.            Feliz Viaje [185 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky vs Btoxik 

7.            GFOL [190 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky vs Uphurya

8.            Brussels Muscles [190 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

9.            Zulutunes Tag Team 2 [198 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky, Dr Bops,Tekaeh, Atim, Dugguh,

                                   Organoise, Digital Dream, Pastor John,


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