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  • Music is the life-blood of our movement and family. Before ZuluTunes even existed, it was the glue that solidified the friendships responsible for it’s inception. Every tune we ever release is made out of a desire to create, explore and express, not to capitalize  The releases are free, however we encourage you to contribute towards the growth of ZuluTunes and it's artists by using the paypal module at the bottom of this site.

    Most of the music we have released is in the Psy-Trance arena. We categorize that under "Hi-Tech" because the production style we favor is highly technical – actually extremely technical. As of late the term “Hi-Tech” is beginning to become it’s own style definition, so we suggest you rather just listen to the releases and forget about whether its Swedish wobble funk sauce or Irish double trap-step. Our primary requirement is that it’s DOPE. For those with alternate tastes we also have a few exceptional bass-music releases and other goodies on the way.

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Friday, 26 May 2017 09:25



Aésop is a newcomer with the swag of an O.G. Based down-under in the city of Sydney, this talented young producer is making waves with his fresh high-energy style.
The Aésop project is appropriately named as Jake weaves together powerful story-telling and expert sound design. Expect razor sharp leads, strong musical undertones and lot's of atmosphere. Super bright things to come from this Aussie beast.

Other associations: (Cosmic Crew)


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Monday, 20 February 2017 00:00




From the wildest forests of prehistoric times, spawned among bubbling lava pits and meteor craters, emerges the Ancient Organism. Enter a world of deep atmospheres, liquid soundscapes and modern razor-sharp sound design. From the creator of the "Atim" project and co-creator of "Organoise" and "Peak Pilots", this album is born out of Tim's desire to explore the lower spectrum of the Psychedelic BPM range. 


1.The Vacuum (140BPM) 08:00
2.Mossy Minds (145BPM) 07:03
3.Dusty Devils (146 BPM) 07:05
4.Techsonic Shift (147BPM) 08:37
5.Plasma Blueprint (148BPM) 08:52
6.The Galactic Molecule (150BPM) 09:20
7.Swamp Monster (152BPM) 07:41
8.Primordial Algorhythm (156BPM) 08:45


Composed, produced and mixed by Ancient Organism.
Mastered by Dugguh @ Sonic Weaponry
Artwork by Doctor Bops
All copyrights reserved 2017 (High quality MP3 / FLAC / WAV}

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Saturday, 14 January 2017 23:33


(Underground Hip-Hop / Rap / Experimental)

Telefax straight from a heated cypher in the early 2000s, we are proud to present to you: "Mind, Soul & Bodies".
Let loose as Dr.Bops and his alter ego take you on a journey of thumpin beats, sharp rhymes and deep experimentation.
Crack a cold one, pack a bowl and immerse yourselves into a comically harsh world as seen through the lens of Mad Skabenga.


01. Intro
02. Gimme Gimme - (Brief Encounter - Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone [Bops Rmx])
03. Blew Up The Bass Speakers
04. G Funktion (Instrumental)
05. Jozi Juxtapose (Ft. Jess Miller)
06. Write With Me
07. Family Matters
08. Trap Fiends (Skit)
09. Tokyo Streets (Instrumental)
10. Friday
11. Kickin
12. Spanish Sorrow (Instrumental)
13. Got The Cure (Cuts by SizzorHandz)
14. High Hopes
15. Rebel (Ft. Natalie Baxter)
16. Long Time (Ft. Tony Dangler & Natalie Baxter)
17. More Fiya (Instrumental)
18. Stole Your Mic
19. Final Minute
20. Outro
21. [BONUS] - Money In Da Club (Mainstream parody ft. Pastor Gwap and Maxxx)

 (High quality MP3 / FLAC / WAV}


Written, composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Doctor Bops A.K.A Mad Skabenga.
All copyrights reserved 2017 / Artwork by Mike Iller & Bops /  Mastered by Dugguh @ Sonic Weaponry.
A massive thanks goes out to the featured artists!

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Sunday, 25 December 2016 01:01


KillΔtk is the newest addition to the ZuluTunes task-force. A beast from the South East, this new blood is tearing apart the rapidly growing Brazilian Hi-Tech & Psycore scene. Gustavo's style is full of quirky twists, original flavors and rapid sequencing that will leave your head spinning. Keep your earlids peeled for this awesome individual's work. Bright things in store!

Other associations: (Black Out Records, Anomalistic Records, Dopetec Records)


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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 11:43



There comes a time when the past must be shed to wave in the new. There comes a time where to reach your limits, you must dive head first into the unknown and submit to the journey. That moment is now. We proudly present to you Ugly Ducky's debut album "Reborn". Strap in for a journey into the depths of musical mayhem and pinpoint-precise patterns. This is a journey of relentless climbs, unexpected twists and blinding dives. Expect a story of emotional string-pulling and epic climaxes that is sure to surprise and satisfy all fans of the Hi-Tech genre.

Ugly Ducky is the project of the artist formally known as "Nammah Ohm".


1.            Interconnectedness [165 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

2.            Diva Aura [170 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

3.            Green Poison  [175 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

3.            Green Poison RMX [175 BPM]

                                -   Btoxik

5.            ZuluTunes Tag Team 1 [180 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky, Dr Bops,Tekaeh, Atim, Dugguh

                                   Organoise, Digital Dream, Pastor John,


6.            Feliz Viaje [185 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky vs Btoxik 

7.            GFOL [190 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky vs Uphurya

8.            Brussels Muscles [190 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky

9.            Zulutunes Tag Team 2 [198 BPM]

                                -  Ugly Ducky, Dr Bops,Tekaeh, Atim, Dugguh,

                                   Organoise, Digital Dream, Pastor John,


__________ (High quality MP3 / FLAC / WAV}

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 20:39



Sound the alarms! Alert the military!  "An unidentified vessel utilizing an unknown propulsion technology has entered earths atmosphere. All attempts to intercept the craft have failed. We urge all residents to unlock their doors, go outside and get whats coming to them! " 



Peak Pilots is a collaboration project between three South African ZuluTunes artists: Dugga / Atim of Organoise, and Natural Disaster. Expect a lower tempo groove of chunky warm bass coupled with super refined high-energy sound design. This hour-long journey has been in the making for quite some time and we are all stoked to finally present it to you! (High quality MP3 / FLAC / WAV}

Thanks as always for your ongoing support. When on social media don't forget to: share, comment and like :) 

Free low-quality MP3s will be available from our website in a month or two. Also check out our previous release "Disaster Recovery" which is a Nepal charity fundraiser desperately in need of your support. 


Peak Pilots: 


Natural Disaster: 


Released August 31, 2016 

All music composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Peak Pilots (Organoise [Atim / Dugga] and Natural Disaster). All copyrights are reserved. Album artwork by Doctor Bops. Artist photography by Mike Iller.

tags: dark psy electronic hi-tech hitech psy trance psychedelicJohannesburg


Sunday, 31 July 2016 22:46




Compiled by Natural Disaster & Doombringer
WAV / FLAC / MP3 on Bandcamp
Free low quality MP3s (128 kbit/s) available here in August.

In a world of social media frenzies and minute-long attention spans "activism" has been reduced to moaning in status updates and sharing memes. Here is an opportunity for us, the Psy community, to help make a tangible difference where it matters.

Schools were destroyed in the Nepal disaster and people on the ground need our help to rebuild them. A group of artists have donated a collection of killer tracks to help raise some funds towards the rebuilding. 100% of profits will be donated to the Shyam Bahadur Thapa Development Trust, an organisation working towards such goals in Nepal.

Help out where you can by either purchasing the album or by sharing, liking, commenting and just generally spreading the word about the initiative directly to those who do purchase music.

Thanks in advance for your help and thanks as always for your on-going support.

Shyam Bahadur Thapa Development Trust

Mastered by Dugga @ SonicWeaponry 
Artwork by Dr.Bops. 


Sunday, 20 December 2015 14:21

TTT07: Best of 2015

Tekaehs Top Ten for 2015 (no order)

Organoise - New Numba Wun
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dog - Still Dre (Dr. Bops Rmx)
Natural Disaster vs Vector Void - Cubular
Pastor John - Anomally
Yaminahua - Macabracumbra
Loose connection vs Electrypnose - Prototype
Amras - Abstract System (Inner Coma Rmx)
Kashyyyk - Shawarma (Cosmo Rmx)
Metahuman - You Gotta Fuck This Aswell
Dreadlokk Warrior - Contagions


Sunday, 20 December 2015 14:21

TTT06: Dec 2015

Tekaehs Top Ten for Dec 2015 (no order)


Vector Void - The Big Zulu [181] (unr Soon on Zulutunes)
Natural Disaster - Freaquency Disaster [190] (unr soon out om Freak Records)
Voidlokk - Zynergy Force [171] (unr Soon on Zulutunes)
Vector Void - Red Shift [164] (unr Soon on Zulutunes)
Metahuman & Amras & Dr.Bops & DoubleTap & Liink - Zulians [195 BPM] (VA Zulus & Aliens)
Natural Disaster vs Vector Void - Organic Compound [180] (unr Soon on Zulutunes)
Natural Disaster vs Pastor John - 1930`s (unr Soon on Zulutunes)
Tke3000 - CKOrotten [200] (unr Soon on your Moms I-Pod)
Atim vs Loose Connection - NN [178] (unr Soon on Zulutunes)
Tke3000 - FluEffects [180] (unr. Soon as a Ringtone in your Head)

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 21:20



A collaboration between ZuluTunes and Lunatic Alien Records
WAV / FLAC / MP3 on Bandcamp
Free low quality MP3s (128 kbit/s) available from both labels sites - link below.

ZuluTunes Music Movement S.A and Lunatic Alien Records U.K proudly present the long anticipated various artists compilation "Zulus and Aliens". This highly collaborative project features a myriad of artists from around the globe communicating solely through the language of music. Expect a highly technical and sensitive selection of premium psychedelic trance in the upper BPM ranges. On behalf of both labels, we send a massive thanks to the dedicated artists who participated in this challenging project. To the listeners: we truly hope you enjoy this 2.2 hour journey and we highly encourage you to support the hard work by purchasing the high quality files and promoting the album.

CD 1

01. Vector Void - Orbiter [165 BPM]
02. Yoshihiro & Voidlokk - Santoryu [175 BPM]
03. Pastor John & Anubis & Kaya - Increase [179 BPM]
04. DreadLokkWarrior - Dark Matter [183 BPM]
05. Amras - Data Shifter [185 BPM]
06. Dr. Bops - Guitar vs. Synth [187 BPM]
07. Atim - Man Made [186 BPM]
08. Aztec Dosage - Savage [190 BPM]
09. Kaikkialla & Dugga - Geometric Trajectory [186 BPM]

CD 2

01. Atim - Bright Future [202 BPM]
02. i-Logic & Calabi Yau - Fast Traxx [195 BPM]
03. Metahuman & Amras & Dr.Bops & DoubleTap & Liink - Zulians [195 BPM]
04. Alien Hardware - Enough Pressure [190 BPM]
05. Ryux & Natural Disaster & Darkface & Shunpo - Wake Angels [185 BPM]
06. Zer & Digital Dream & DreadLokkWarrior - DreamLokkZer [180 BPM]
07. Selective Mood & DoubleTap - Stop Running [170 BPM]
08. Tyamat - Harvest Moon [166 BPM]
09. Twelv - Make Stuff Fun (Outro) [172 Bpm]

Hi Tech / Psychedelic Trance / Dark Psy / Psycore
Released: December 21, 2015


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